The Colorful Tapestry of the Chinese Culture

China boasts one of the oldest existing cultures in human history. For thousands of years, known as the Middle Kingdom, the dynastic China asserted its cultural influence on many of its neighboring nations in a multitude of areas, from architecture to commerce, art to religion, customs to language, governance to politics, and literature to philosophy.… Continue reading The Colorful Tapestry of the Chinese Culture

Buddhism in China

When Buddhism was introduced to China in 1st century A.D. during the Han Dynasty, the common religions at the time were Confucianism and Taoism. Over time, Buddhism garnered enough followers to solidify its place in the Chinese culture. Today, nearly 50% of the Chinese people are non-religious. It doesn’t mean they are atheists. The concepts… Continue reading Buddhism in China

Understanding the Ancient Chinese Practice of Feng Shui

Feng Shui in Chinese means “wind water”. The concept of wind and water has its origin in the Five Elements Theory in the Chinese philosophy. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth are regarded as the five fundamental elements in the natural world. Being part of nature, man is affected by these elements. Feng Shui is… Continue reading Understanding the Ancient Chinese Practice of Feng Shui

China’s Tumultuous 100 Years

China’s Tumultuous 100 Years The Last Dynasty   Bogged down by corruption and ineptitude, the Qing royal court had to make one concession after another to placate foreign powers. A once proud nation, China was humiliated. The incompetence of the Qing rulers ultimately led to their downfall, ushering in one hundred years of turmoil and… Continue reading China’s Tumultuous 100 Years