Shimmering Across Time

Shimmering Across Time is a captivating and powerful tale that takes the readers to arguably the most tumultuous one hundred years in China and Southeast Asia where the human spirit is being tested by nearly insurmountable odds. The arc of the story is set in the late18th century during the last days of the Qing Dynasty and leads the readers through China’s Civil War, Japanese War, Vietnam War, and the uprising in Laos. For book readers who love an epic story in a painstakingly accurate historical setting, this novel is a page-turner that intersects fiction and history, in defiance of time and place.


The author has woven a fantastic story filled with love, courage, and sacrifice that the readers will wish it would go on and on.

The endearing characters in the novel will stay in one’s heart long after the last page is turned. For the fans of China and Southeast Asia, the cultures and peoples of that special region come alive among the pages of this historical epic.